Tuesday, 20 July 2010

GOLF: Louis Oosthuizen Won the Open with a Little Red Dot

Louis Oosthuizen has won the 2010 Open but it can now be reveled that he had a secret weapon - a little red dot.

In terms of sports psychology, this just goes to show how a simple mental technique can assist in winning a major championship.

What happens is that he paints a little red dot on his golf glove before he plays.

This serves a a constant reminder that he has to focus on the game and not let his mind wander.

As soon as he took his grip he would see the dot.  This helped him to block out all and any distractions and fully concentrate on that single shot as if it was the only shot in the world - none before and none after.

You may be inclined to scoff, but for Oosthuizenit worked in a fairly spectacular way because he eventually won by seven strokes.

So, are we going to see a deluge of red dots on golfing gloves across the globe?  Possibly, but we think it is already quite likey that the manufacturers are lining up to sign Oosthuizen and get millions of the things in to production very quickly indeed.

Not that we are cynical, of course. Best Blogger Tips
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