Monday, 8 November 2010

Joe Louis: The Brown Bomber

Joe Louis - The Brown Bomber
# Joe Louis:  "The Brown Bomber" (May 13, 1914 – April 12, 1981) 65 wins, 51 KO’s, 3 losses

The era of the Brown Bomber, Joe Louis was one of the greatest and most colorful boxers to grace the sport. Only Jack Dempsey since the gloves era got underway compared to him in popularity and ability.
This Alabama born boxer who first saw the light of day on May 13th, 1914 and whose father, "Mun" Barrow, was a cotton picker, was a pugilistic symphony with a tempo geared to bring him across the ring with all the grace of a gazelle and the cold fury of an enraged mountain lion. He combined excellent harmony of movement with crushing power stored in each hand. His career will be one that won't be forgotten in a hurry. The Brown Bomber did everything expected of a Champion, he pulverized and paralyzed or poked his way through a larger number of challengers, more than any heavyweight king who wore the Royal Robe before him.

The Brown Bomber was a good amatuer who turned Professinal in 1934. After 12 wins he knocked out Primo Carnera in New York before 62,000 fans and quickly became the hottest property in Boxing. He made a point of beating former world title holders, but Max Schmeling caused of the sport's biggest upsets when he knocked out Louis in 1936.

Joe Louis & Rocky Marciano
However he went on to win the world title by stopping Braddock in 1937, and in 1938 he avenged the scratch on his record by annihilating Schmeling in one round. Louis retired while still champion in 1949 but, unfortunately, financial tax problems forced him to return in 1950. He was then beaten by Ezzard Charles who had assumed the title and while seeking another chance, Rocky Marciano stopped Louis and the Brown Bomber retired permanently.

Joe Louis was the first black heavyweight champion, after Jack Johnson, whose victories caused riots. His demeanor was of great importance to him and was so exemplary that he became immensely popular with black and white supporters alike. Sadly, his financial problems were not eased and he was forced to use his name first by wrestling and then as a host in a Vegas casino.

He died in Las Vegas 1981.  Yet Joe Louis brought back to boxing a life and color that was sadly needed.

Joe Louis vs James J Braddock:

Joe Louis vs Max Schmeling Part 1:

Joe Louis vs Max Schmeling Part 2:

Joe Louis vs Rocky Marciano:

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