Thursday, 23 September 2010

Ricky Hatton's boxing licence stripped

Ricky Hatton has suffered a major blow after British Boxing Board of Control stripped him of stripped him three licences after he was found guilty of bringing the sport into disrepute following allegation from the News of the World newspaper about Ricky Hatton's private life.

A British Boxing Board of Control statement said, "The Board is especially concerned to keep the sport of boxing free from drugs, whether taken for recreational or performance enhancing reasons and to be vigilant in identifying and dealing with cases of alcohol abuse.

"At the hearing, the Board found Ricky Hatton guilty of misconduct in that his actions and behaviour were detrimental to the interests of boxing and to the public interest and that he had brought the sport into disrepute.

"Ricky Hatton is not an active boxer and his current physical condition is such that the Board decided to withdraw his boxer's licence.

"Ricky Hatton's Manager's and Second's licences allow him to have close, day to day contact with participants in the sport and the Board has taken the view that his conduct and present circumstances make such contact wholly inappropriate.

"Consequently, the Board has decided to withdraw such licences.

"The Board gave long and hard consideration as to whether or not to withdraw or suspend his Promoter's licence.

"Having considered all the circumstances, in particular the role of Promoter, as opposed to that of Manager or Second, the fact that Hatton Promotions is a large organisation employing a number of experienced individuals in varying roles, including professional persons, and the effect upon innocent persons, including professional boxers, the Board concluded that justice would not be served by withdrawing his Promoter's licence.

"Therefore, his Promoter's licence remains. In addition, Mr. Hatton was fined £20,000 plus costs." Best Blogger Tips
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