Monday, 20 June 2011

Jack Warner Slams Fifa

Jack Warner has slammed Fifa after claiming he has been hung out dry, Warner had earlier resigned from his position as Fifa vice-president and president of Concacaf federation of countries from the Caribbean and north and central America.

Warner was the longest-serving member of Fifa's executive committee, had been suspended pending the outcome of a bribery inquiry.

He said: "It's not unusual for such things to happen and gifts have been around throughout the history of Fifa.
"What's happening now for me is hypocrisy."

Jack Warner is not a happy man at all, after being made a scapegoat for Fifa’s corruption allegations he went on to say: "I have lost my enthusiasm to continue. The general secretary that I had employed, who worked with me for 21 years, with the assistance of elements of Fifa has sought to undermine me in ways that are unimaginable.

"This is giving the impression that Fifa is sanitising itself. I've been hung out to dry continually and I'm not prepared to take that."

Warner also released a statement later on Monday evening and insisted he would have been exonerated by the ethics committee.

He said: "This decision is by my own volition and self-determination; albeit it comes during the sequel to the contentious Mohammed Bin Hammam meeting in Port of Spain in May with CFU Delegates.

"I am convinced, and I am advised by counsel, that since my actions did not extend beyond facilitating the meeting that gave Mr Bin Hammam an opportunity to pursue his aborted bid for the Fifa presidency, I would be fully exonerated by any objective arbiter.

He also went on to add; "I have, nonetheless, arrived at the decision to withdraw from Fifa affairs in order to spare Fifa, Concacaf and, in particular, CFU and its membership, from further acrimony and divisiveness arising from this and related issues.

"I am gratified that Fifa has acknowledged my service to international and regional football over several decades.

"It is also a special source of satisfaction to me that during my tenure, capacities and facilities in the Caribbean were upgraded to levels that enabled the region to host several Fifa World Cup finals.

"I sincerely hope that the Caribbean Football Union will continue to fight above its weight in Fifa and Concacaf affairs.

"With my withdrawal from service in international football, I shall, henceforth, be concentrating exclusively on my lifelong commitment to the service of the people of Trinidad and Tobago, currently as chairman of the major party in our governing coalition and as a Cabinet Minister in the Government of our Republic.

"I shall continue to encourage the youth of the Caribbean and the world to deepen their involvement in football, which has lifted so many young people out of hopelessness and risk to personal achievement, while bringing glory to their respective countries." Best Blogger Tips
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