Friday, 5 August 2011

Gavin Henson Eyes Return To Ospreys

Gavin Henson has admitted that his move to Saracens was a mistake and has confirmed that he would like to return to Osprey’s after the Rugby World Cup,  the Welshman took a 18-month break from Rugby before joining Saracens.

Henson has since struggled to settle with the English side and had moved onto French side Toulon, the Welshman stay in France was short-lived after some disciplinary problems and has now admitted he would like to return to Wales.

Gavin Henson has been included in the Welsh World Cup squad but will miss out on the friendly match against England this weekend, once the World Cup in New Zealand is over he says he would like to return to his former side Ospreys.

"Well I want to come back to Wales because of my kids," Henson told Blokely magazine.
"I'm just waiting to see what happens with the Welsh rugby, how I get on and whether I go to the World Cup or not and as soon as that comes to an end, whether that's soon or after the World Cup, I will get employment.

"Hopefully that will be the Ospreys if they will have me back but I will have to wait and see."
He added: "I think it probably wasn't a great decision going to Saracens. I don't want to be a part-time player.

So I didn't like the feel of it there and then suddenly I had an opportunity then to go to Toulon."
Speaking about his problems with Toulon, it was reported he was involved in a brawl and criticising Jonny Wilkinson.

"Jonny wasn't even out," he added. "So no, nothing to do with Jonny Wilkinson. No it was plain that this individual thought I'd said something about Joe Van Niekerk.

"Me and Joe Van Niekerk, from day one, since I had been there he was my closest friend at the club. We didn't do it in public, we went down the beach, we went down there together and we sorted it out man to man and that was the end of that really.

"We both went our separate ways but carried on and still had a good night but then it obviously got back to the club and the press managed to get hold of it and you know what the press are like. They blew it out of all proportion and then suddenly it was an issue for the club to deal with."

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