Friday, 2 December 2011

Agbeko-Mares II: Joseph Looking To Get Revenge

By Peter Wells: It's hard to believe it was only in August that Abner Mares controversially defeated Joseph Agbeko in the Bantamweight tournament final. Just before writing this preview I was thinking that the first fight had happened in the first half of the year as so much has happened since that fight that put a black spot over refereeing.

Abner Mares won the fight against his handicapped opponent, to take the IBF belt around his waist. Below that waist is where most of Mares' shots landed. The referee might as well have worn an Abner Mares shirt, as he painfully refused to deduct a point for these clear illegal blows. But, that wasn't the worst thing he did in the fight, as when in full view of the ref, Mares landed a blow lower than all the rest and as Agbeko went down in pain, the ref called a knockdown. I could easily tear apart this referee all week but I feel his name shouldn't be mentioned in boxing ever again.

The rematch should give us the real truth as to who is better, and that is still a very hard one to call. Agbeko struggled early with the younger man's speed but came on impressively and some feel he could have nicked it.

Both fighters have said in the build up there will be no low blows this time, but I have to wonder whether Mares' tendency to go to the body makes him unable to keep all those punches about the belt line. One thing is for sure is that he won't get away with it this time and a disqualification can't be overlooked in this fight.

But I’d prefer to imagine a clean fight which I see Mares winning in a close, action packed contest. Agbeko can make a fight of it but I feel Abner's speed and skills should be enough to keep him the title and win him back a few fans. Best Blogger Tips
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