Friday, 2 December 2011

Suunto Watches: Every Athletes Best Friend

By Barrie Smith: If you want accuracy and performance for you watches, then Suunto watches are the perfect match for you.

Suunto watches are from the same maker of the first liquid filled compass. They have been using the latest technology when making compasses and dive instruments and they have used the same concept when they decided to invade the watch market as well.

Their watches are the best when it comes to accuracy and performance as the makers of Suunto watches put special care and attention to even the finest details in every watch that they create. No wonder this brand has been rewarded several times to be the official watch for various sports and equestrian events.

Suunto watches are versatile since it offers many uses other than just tell the time. Suunto watches have sport-specific computers and extra features like a compass, a GPS, barometer, thermometer and even heart-rate monitors which have been designed with the athlete in mind. They have line of watches for sports enthusiast such as scuba diver, runner, mountaineer, hiker and many more.

These added features are very important to athletes as it helps them analyze and improve their performance in whatever sports they are in. Let us take for example Triathletes. It is no joke to join a Triathlon and intense workout and exercise is needed to be done by triathletes to prepare them for the big event. That is why for these athletes, a device that can give them accurate measurement of their workouts, their targets, goals, progress and the like is really important.

Let us take for example the Suunto M5 watch, which can be a triathlete’s best friend as it has functions that will guide him in his training program. Features such as real-time intensity guidance when working out, tracking of speed and distance, real-time calorie counter, exercise instructions, training program and many added features that gives an athlete accurate reading of his progress during his training which can help him improve his performance.

Since Suunto watches are equipped with sports-specific computers, it allows the recording of times and history of training onto the watch so the athlete can always go back to check the record to ensure that progress and targets are being achieved. These data can even be downloaded to computers to do more statistical manipulation and recording which can also play a big role in preparing the training program for the athlete. The more accurate information an athlete can gather during his training using this device, the better informed he will be of his progress so he can adjust his training plan to meet his goals.

Aside from being the best precision instrument, Suunto watches are also durable and are water resistant which is what athletes need as their activities and training are intense so they need a watch that can last and stand the extreme conditions that they will be exposed to.

No matter what kind of sports you are in, Suunto watches will give you the durability, accuracy and the precision that you need to help you improve your game. Best Blogger Tips
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