Thursday, 28 July 2011

England U20 World Cup Team Accosted at Bogota Airport

It looked as if there may have been trouble at Bogota airport yesterday when security was massively increased for the arrival of the England under 20 World Cup Squad.

In fact the squad were given a very Columbian welcome by a host of female police officers who had gathered at the airport with the specific intention of making the team’s arrival as fun as possible.

As the girls ran towards the players it did look for a moment as if the entire team were just about to be arrested and detained but it was simply the keenness of the young ladies to engage the English lads in a swift salsa before they made their way to their hotel.

They certainly weren't expecting to be accosted by the Columbian police in this manner!

The boys took to the floor but to be honest, we think they need to brush up a little on their Latin dance skills. Let's just hope that the English Under 21s show even better movement on the pitch! Best Blogger Tips
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