Monday, 15 November 2010

Vitali Klitschko wants to fight David Haye

Vitali Klitchsko wants to fight David Haye
Vitali Klitschko has today said on BBC Radio 5 Live in the UK that he wants to fight David Haye in the Spring 2011.

Hhe has insisted that Haye should stop talking and sign up to the fight. Klitschko, who currently hold the WBC title is willing to fight in the US, UK or Germany,

"Stop talking. I'm ready to sign any time, let's make the fight in springtime." said Klitschko with no obvious readiness to give Haye some sort of period of grace after his third round destruction of Audley Harrison over the weekend.

He added, "No excuses any more, he talks too much, he's a great talker, but the question is, is he a good fighter or not?

"He's world champion by talking. Let's fight. Let's go."

Vitali Klitschko says he would be prepared to offer David Haye a 50-50 deal.

"Let's discuss where we would fight. Let's fight in the United States. I listened to a great proposal for Madison Square Garden. I'm ready to fight in the US, Germany or Great Britain," Vitali Klitschko added.

"Let's make a contract Straightaway. We are ready to sign the contract - I want to fight David Haye."

The words nest and egg spring immediately to mind.  Although perhaps Klitschko is without need of any further monies for a pension plan, he recently announced that he intends to retire from professional heavyweight boxing at the end of 2010.  He must have had a change of heart. Best Blogger Tips
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