Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Savage Justification?

By Matt Scott 
The on-going debate, which surrounds footballers and their huge pay packets has managed to find its way back into the media spotlight after one of the UK’s most outspoken players, Robbie Savage, had his say on the matter.

The 36-year-old Welshman said, ‘We get hammered a lot, so I’m on there (twitter) giving a footballer’s viewpoint. The most common complaint is footballers earn too much. Nonsense. I defy anyone who gets offered it to say no, no matter what job you do.

"We’re lucky to earn good money and we work hard for it. It is not our fault that we were good enough to play football and get handsomely paid for it.

"I do work hard for it. The rewards are there if you do, so don’t tell me I haven’t worked hard for it. I would say every player I have played with has earned his money. Why is it always footballers who get criticised for the money they earn?

"A top darts player can earn £1m a year. A cricketer £1m for two months, a golfer £7.4m for one tournament, a rubbish boxer £3m for one fight, a sprinter £400,000 for an appearance, a tennis player £800,000 for one week. But it’s always footballers who get criticised."

The Derby County midfielder’s rant was a response to criticism from some supporters, who were venting their frustration over the news that John O’Shea had put pen to paper on a £80,000 a week contract extension at Manchester United.

Savage’s comments suggest he feels strongly that the revenue he generates for his club as well as the public scrutiny he has to face, more than entitle him and his fellow professionals to the rewards they receive.

It is often forgotten that the majority of sporting professionals have very short career spans, which can be ended in an instant if an injury occurs. It also has to be said that some bankers and online entrepreneurs earn similar amounts without working half as hard or entertaining the public.

Robbie Savage in calmer mood - Image Credit Flickr User Matlock-Photo
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