Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Bobby Charlton Pays Tribute To Paul Scholes

Manchester United legend Bobby Charlton joined the list of soccer icons leading tributes to Paul Scholes who announced he was retiring from football today,  the midfielder ended weeks of speculation on whether he would retire or not.

Charlton a former England international admits he is disappointed Scholes has finally hung up his boots, believing it is 'an absolute tragedy' he will no longer be playing for the United.

Bobby Charlton said; "Well I had a hint that it was going to happen and I was hoping that somebody would be brave enough to ask him to stay and hopefully get the right response.

"But he is not that type of person - once he makes up his mind to do something he's very singular minded.”

"And all I can think of is what an absolute tragedy that we have to be without him - he is such a fantastic player, a beautiful player to watch - and we will miss him certainly at Manchester United.

Charlton also added; "But I think more from the game's point of view that he was just priceless - he had vision, he could see instantly where people were and I used to sometimes hear people gasp when he made a pass that was just so pinpoint.

"He's just a fantastic player - a beautiful, beautiful footballer - and at Manchester United we've been very proud that he played for us for most of his career, for all of his career really, so I'm very disappointed in that respect but I love him as a person, he's a great lad, and he will be remembered forever at Manchester United, there's no question about that."

Fabio Capello tried unsuccessfully to lure Scholes out of England retirement for the last World Cup and Charlton was sorry he did not play more for the Three Lions.

He added: "And England - one of the things that maybe could have improved England was if he didn't love his family so much, he wanted to stay with his family rather than keep travelling to England.

Paul Scholes has been taking his coaching badges will join United’s coaching staff at Old Trafford.
"But he's a marvellous player and he's a great person, I love him to bits and we are very proud and we'll look after him for the rest of his career hopefully." Best Blogger Tips
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