Sunday, 29 May 2011

Mohamed Bin Hammam Reacts To Allegations

Fifa Senior Official Mohamed Bin Hammam has today reacted to news that he has been suspended along with Jack Warner until a full Fifa investigation has been conducted around bribery allegations both members are accused of.

Up until last week Mohamed Bin Hammam was running for presidential election in hope of succeeding current president Sepp Blatter, then Mohamed Bin Hammam stepped out of the race after these allegations were brought up by another senior official, USA’s Chuck Blazer.

He said in a statement late on Sunday: "I've been referred to the ethics committee based on evidence which was strong enough in views of the Fifa general secretary for such procedure.

"However the ethics committee in this meeting today did not find this evidence sufficient enough to convict me.

"Subsequently I should have been given the benefit of the doubt, but instead I've been banned from all football activities.

"I've been given the impression that the ethics committee is absolutely an independent committee. But in the press conference we have seen today the general secretary made clear that he is the one who has the influence in this committee.

"I'm very disappointed about the way the status of the proceeding has been presented at the media conference.

"I'm expecting this will continue. This is not how I understand fair play. I'm reserving all my rights." Best Blogger Tips
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