Monday, 23 May 2011

Ryan Giggs named as footballer at centre of injunction

After 64 caps for his national team, Wales, and many goals Ryan Giggs has managed a miss. Former Miss Wales Imogen Thomas to be exact. 

Yet from the picture above, perhaps the writing has been on the wall for a while. News broke today that Giggsy had been named as the footballer at the centre of a court gagging order over a relationship with Big Brother star Imogen Thomas.

The Man United star's identity was revealed in parliament by Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming, who has been campaigning on the issue.Relentlessly.

It appears that footballer’s clean family image has been damaged following the MP’s announcement. Extensively.

Perhaps his identity could have been guessed.  W(h)ales have been getting in to a lot of trouble lately after all.

John Hemming said it was not practical to imprison the 75,000 Twitter followers who have already named the player.

Mr Hemming used parliamentary privilege to identify the star at the centre of the injunction after the High Court refused to lift a ban on naming the sportsman.

He was immediately rebuked by the Commons Speaker John Bercow, who said: "Occasions such as this are occasions for raising the issues of principle involved, not seeking to flout for whatever purpose.

"If the honourable gentleman wants to finish his question in an orderly way, he can do so." Best Blogger Tips
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