Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Amazing Remi Gaillard

Perhaps if the French World Cup Soccer team had had Rémi Gaillard on their side they would not have left the tournament so shamelessly early.  The thirty five year old prankster has gained a massive reputation as a football trickster over the years and his awesomely accurate footwork might have come in handy for the French team a month or so ago! 

This video shows his full capacity and amazing ability to hit a target from a great distance - if these were nets here then the French would have won the World Cup!

Over the years Gaillard has infiltrated French football, including disguising himself as a Lorient player, taking part in the celebrations when the team won and being greeted by the French President, Jacques Chirac.  He also makes a lot of TV appearance and has never, despite the occasional humourlessness of the French authorities, been arrested for his pranks.

Go Gaillard!

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