Sunday, 1 August 2010

FORUMLA ONE: Schumacher Almost Kills Barrichello - Penalised 10 Grid Places

Michael Schumacher, never a stranger to controversy on the Formula 1 circuit, today stooped to a new low in the Hungarian Grand Prix.  Barrichello was almost pinned against the pit wall as he tried to overtake Schumacher - Barrichello was later to call this move the most dangerous he had seen in his Formula 1 career.

This is the latest in a series of spats between the two, pictured left in happier days.  When it spills over on to the track, however, things can become dangerous.

The whole thing took place as Wiiliams driver Barrichello looked to take advantage of a mistake that Schumacher made around Turn 14.   Schumacher went wide and this enabled the Brazillian to close up to him and get a run on his former team mate.

He pulled to the right and pulled alongside Shcumacher who, seeing that he might lose the race, forced Barrichello right up against the wall of the pit.

Good job that the wall ended before Barrichello hit it.  If it hadn't been for the wall finishing that would probably have happened.  The judges recognise this and Schumacher has been penalised 10 grid places.

Perhaps this was punishment for that party where Barrichello sang. The song consisted of the rather childish claim that Schumacher is viado - a derogatory term meaning gay in Brazilian Portuguese. Or perhaps not.  Whatever caused Schumacher to do this, it won't help his Christmas card list much, that's for sure. Best Blogger Tips
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