Sunday, 2 January 2011

Dance Central on Xbox 360 - Get Your Dancing Shoes On!

Xbox Dance Central

Xbox Dance Central


If you are like me and you have two left feet then sometimes the thought of hitting the dance floor seems like a good idea at the time – and then you are left feeling like you should have done some practice in front of the mirror first.
Well, forget about the mirror.  With Dance Central on the Xbox 360 you can get in to the groove and work on those personal dance moves before you hit the floor in the club.  You might even decide to stay in and share the fun with your friends and family.
Personally, my own dance experiences are not so good.  I always think that I can pull something off but when it comes to the crunch my legs decide that they are not going to work. With the new Kinect gaming feature used by Dance Central on the Xbox 360 you get a score – and then work on beating it.
Take a look for yourself at how practice at home can turn in to fun on the real dance floor.

The great thing about this game is that it isn’t solo.  You can play with your buddies or members of your family – and you don’t have to worry about complete strangers pointing and laughing! By the time you get to the club you will be completely in control of your dancing!
So, instead of just wishing that you were a better dancer you can improve in the comfort of your own home – and then impress your friends when you are out.  This is the game that you have been waiting for when it comes to improving your dance techniques!

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