Sunday, 12 June 2011

Harry Redknapp: We Need To Keep Luka Modric

Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp has insisted that it is key that Spurs don’t sell Luka Modric If they are to break into the top four of the Premier League, the midfielder has been the subject of speculation that Manchester United are keen to secure his services.

Harry Redknapp suggested that is vital Spurs are not seen as a selling club or there chances of qualifying for Champions League football could suffer, Redknapp also added that the White Hart Lane side want to add quality to the team and are not looking to sell there best players.

"For sure we can keep Luka [Modric], he's a special player and we have to keep Luka Modric," Said Redknapp.

"If we sell Luka we are just a selling club basically.
"Manchester United won't sell Wayne Rooney, Chelsea won't go and sell Lampard or Terry and you never hear people talk about them getting sold so why should we sell Luka.
Speaking of the need to improve on last season, he added; "Of course we have got to keep him and add to him - that's the key,"

He also went on to say; "Unless we improve in the summer then you can't expect to be in the Champions League.

"We have to keep improving every year because everybody else is going to improve.

"We just missed out last year, we finished fifth because the four teams in front of us were just a little bit stronger and they are going to get much stronger in the summer.

"So if we don't get stronger then you can't expect to pass them next year, so you don't have to be a rocket scientist to work that one out.

"We need to improve the squad, the team in the summer and get two or three real quality players in.
"If we can do that and keep Luka and Gareth Bale and all them boys we will have a great side again next year." Best Blogger Tips
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