Monday, 20 June 2011

The Great Football Experiment

Do you remember the old tune ‘Some guys have all the luck”? The players in Ivory FC would certainly fit that category as they have been voted the team that will take part in the ultimate football experience.  Thanks to NIVEA FOR MEN and a nationwide search, Ivory FC is going to be coached just like the England National Squad.

You might wonder why NIVEA FOR MEN have decided to take part in an exercise like this but it is to make a point.  The point is that if you take the time to prepare properly then it can make a huge difference to any outcome. You have to admit, they have a point.

So, Ivory FC are off to be coached by the likes of Terry Venables and Ray Wilkins, not to mention Ray Clemence.  They are going to benefit from their input in to their training sessions but it doesn’t end there.  The lucky team are going to be given advice on nutrion and a new Umbro kit.  

Best of all, they are going to be playing at some point in the near future against a team made up of England legends.

This all sounds like a great experiment and certainly one that we here at World in Sport will be following closely.  You can too at their website – so why not join Ivory FC for all the highs and lows they will experience on their journey!

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